Mark Ryden
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Mark Ryden As a child, the artist Mark Ryden would make drawings of dogs with their intestines showing or self portraits with a third eye. Thirty years later the eye still appears at unusual places like on a book (Slayer, 1999), a leaf (Björk, 1998) or on a chest (Jimi Hendrix, 1999), but now Ryden is an acclaimed artist and has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide. Ryden is also quite popular amongst pop artists and has done the artwork of album covers for Michael Jackson Jack Off Jill and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. But after all these years and success, Ryden still hasn't lost his childlike way of looking at the world. And this is exactly what makes his work so distinguishable and one of a kind. In his interview for 200% Ryden talks about imagination (The spirits of many adults are closed down...they can no longer look at art and simply experience it without an explanation of "what it means"); what can be gained when society allows more imagination; if he thinks his work is disturbing; and on trusting his subconscious and his craftsmanship. The article contains intriguing pictures of Ryden's collections of antique toys, anatomical models, skeletons, stuffed animals, dolls, African masks, dental plates and King Kong, all provided by the artists himself.

200% is a magazine entirely about creative passionate people. The magazine delves into the motivation of creatives and their total commitment and dedication to their work. It features extensive interviews with people working in the creative fields of art, music, film and fashion. The inspiration of 200% is the director Francis Ford Coppola who shows in the film documentary "Heart of Darkness" - the making of his film "Apocalypse Now" - an unprecedented level of passion and commitment to realise his dream. 200% writes about people who show the same kind of passion in their profession and is interested in their motives. The first three issues features extensive interviews with the artist Marc Quinn, Bryan Ferry, photographer Hedi Slimane, Robert del Naja of Massive Attack, the photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia, the fashion designer Antony Price, Eiko Ishioka (costume designer of The Fall, Dracula), film title designer Kyle Cooper (Se7en, Spiderman), the dialect coach Andrew Jack (Eastern Promises, Hilary & Jackie), Matt Johnson of The The, Daniel Lanois, fashion designer Christopher Kane, makeup artist Pat McGrath, record producer Trevor Horn, the painter Richard Phillips.

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